Bali Weather

Bali Weather influences the surf conditionsBali is eight degrees below the equator and has a yearly tropical monsoon climate. As you can see in the table below there is very little change in the average temperatures across the year. The wet season runs from November to March. The coastal areas have high humidity during the wet season, and along with the slightly higher temperatures means that you will feel sticky and hot a lot of the time. When considering Bali weather and climate, the dry season from June to October is the best time of year to travel with clear skies and quite warm temperatures.

Surfers have 2 seasons to consider. During the middle of the dry season (July to September) the west coast of Bali is favourable for surfing. While in the wet months from November to March the wind turns around and the west side of the island now has the better off-shore breaks.

The month of July is very windy and while great for the locals to fly their large kites, it can be a bit harsh for beach goers. This mainly affects the south coast.

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Av. Temp °C 27.6 27.7 27.6 27.8 27.3 26.6 25.9 25.8 26.4 27.2 27.8 27.7
Av. Rain mm 347 287 213 94 76 70 50 23 40 90 154 293


Bali Weather Forecast